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1) Astro*Talk:

Astro*Talk is our most popular report and one of the finest astrological horoscopes ever written. Giving you a no-nonsense and easy-to-understand interpretation of your Natal chart, step by step, this report will guide you through an inward tour that will uncover the personal talents, skills, and potentials that are uniquely yours. It will also bring you face-to-face (no holds barred) with your particular challenges and struggles, and perhaps reveal some surprising discoveries that you may not readily acknowledge or even share with those closest to you.

Astro*Talk offers a modern take on what astrology has to say, one that can change your life for the better. You have been brought up to be who you are. Astro*Talk offers a second opinion, one not based on politics or psychology, but on what the cosmos has laid out for you from the beginning. It is well worth a listen.


An in-depth children’s astrological profile.
Wouldn’t it be nice if at every new birth the parents were given a manual on exactly how to raise their new child to be a healthy, happy, fulfilled human being?

Child*Star Reading may not produce a manual, but it is certainly the next best thing. This reading gives you unique natal reports that help a parent instantly recognize and attune to a child’s strengths, aptitudes, potential and even recognizes challenges the child and parent may face as they grow and develop. It provides suggestions on how to recognize and redirect potentially negative tendencies, often showing how to turn them to the child’s advantage. These clues are essential keys to guiding parents and caregivers in providing the right environment, stimulation and corrective measures to help a child realize their full potential physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.
We hope you enjoy it.


The most advanced astrological interpretation ever produced.

We all know that each year the Sun returns to the same place in the zodiac as the moment you were born. That happens within a day of your birthday every year, so it’s your birthday chart. Your natal or birth chart may be the most important description of you, but your Birthday Chart each year has a lot to say about how you are now and what the current year has to offer.

The Birthday Report by astrologer John Townley provides a detailed and in-depth look at what is happening right now, fully interpreted, and lays out a map of the opportunities and pitfalls for the coming year.


Exploring the journey of the nature of Woman through time, this report exposes and transcends power politics that have suppressed the female nature throughout history. Written with integrity, Just for Women reaches the true essence of the nature of woman, supporting her psychological, spiritual, and emotional being.
This is an A+ report.

Since the middle of the last century the roles that women are asked to play have changed and are continually evolving. Today, a woman is often expected to carry out the tasks of a career person, a wife, mother, community leader and more – all simultaneously. Determining where to put your energy is not the problem, the demands are usually quite clear; figuring out how to find room enough for yourself, in order to maintain a healthy physical, intellectual, and emotional life is critical to you and to those who depend on you every day.

This is an intimate tour of your natal chart that clearly shows you the full range of talents and resources you possess and may not be full aware of. In your Just for Women report, carefully reveals each layer of your complex character to give you access to all of your strength and power. This is not just an intellectual exercise it is an empowering journey that can invigorate and energize your life. 


Friends & Lovers profiles are written exclusively for the both of you: these reports are a guided tour of a relationship given to you by a counseling astrologer. Friends & Lovers calculates two personal horoscopes, compares them in detail, and then prints out an in-depth profile of what is happening, astrologically, with and between each person. A Friends & Lovers report is written in four parts, with each part looking at the relationship from both your perspective as well as from the other person’s.

First: To be explored is how you approach relationships in general. Do you have an easy time becoming close to someone? What are the traits which will influence all of your relationships – from your childhood friends to your business associates? The clues for answers to these questions (and more) are in your birth chart. Friends & Lovers finds these clues, interprets them, and thus provides answers in this first portion of the report.

Second: How are these same questions answered in the other person’s chart? What does the other person bring to a relationship that either helps or hinders?

Third: Determine how you relate, uniquely, with this person: How do your two charts intertwine in order to create the feelings you are now experiencing?

Fourth: Learn how this person relates to you. How will you two get along? What role does each play?

Friends and Lovers

The answers to these questions are fascinating, and many people are startled to find just how revealing their Friends & Lovers report is. These astrological profiles come in two versions: Romance reports for lovers or Potential lovers, or profile reports for non-romantic relationships.

Friends & Lovers profiles are in high demand. These reports make great gifts.


Relationship and compatibility astrology remains the single most popular form of astrology practiced around the world, but tracking the future of natal charts of two persons and combining the resulting list of indicators can be complicated. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a single chart that properly represented the relationship, one that could reveal how that special relationship changes day by day? The Togetherness report offers a full compatibility interpretation of the basic natal composite chart of the two individuals involved. This interpretation describes the nature of the relationship itself.


Relationship and compatibility astrology remains the single most popular form of astrology practiced around the world, but tracking the future of natal charts of two persons and combining the resulting list of indicators can be complicated. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a single chart that properly represented the relationship, one that could reveal how that special relationship changes day by day? The Time Together report is the first ever to offer daily transit interpretations for a relationship as a whole, making it possible to track the couple’s compatibility through time.


8) TIME LINE REPORT: (Future Forescast) TimeLine is designed to produce a variety of forecasting reports which let you move back and forth, effortlessly, through time (looking back on special events can be as enlightening as looking forward). TimeLine reports can be created for 1, 3, 6 or 12 month periods.

9) SKY LOG: Creates a report based on an individual’s transits and secondary progressions (future events). Each report is divided into three sections:

The Invitation, The Means, and The Details. Each of these sections is organized chronologically rather than by planet making the report flow more logical, intuitive and practical for the reader to use.

10) LIFE PROGRESSIONS: The next chapter in your life story
may be the best yet!

The physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual changes we experience throughout the course of our lives can be predicted and plotted by carefully observing the progression of our natal chart through time.

“These comprehensive reports reveal the opportunities and challenges you may encounter in the coming weeks, months, and years”.

Reading a personal Life Progressions report is exciting. It is like opening a window on some future version of yourself to glimpse who you will be, and what influences will be impacting your daily life. This insight into your future can help you make the right choices at the right time in order and avoid unnecessary stumbles and pitfalls as you proceed through the maze of life. Life Progressions reports offer direction and guidance that can put you on, and help you stay on a successful path towards realizing your full potential.

11) THE JUPITER REPORT:    “Soaring Your Life’s Course”  Jupiter is the planet of opportunity: the bringer of good luck; overseer of our particular fortune in the world; and guide on whatever particular path we travel searching for wealth and opportunity. However, this is not the only function of Jupiter: “He is also the wise teacher, the planetary guru who shows us how to grow into the souls we were born to be, helping us to learn the key lessons we were meant to learn”. Every twelve years, as planet Jupiter returns to our natal position, an opportunity arises for us to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the lessons in our lives. By looking ahead and gaining a better understanding our upcoming Jupiter returns, we can obtain, before they occur, a better grip on life’s lessons, and thus go through our transitions with our eyes more fully open. The Jupiter Report provides details on seven complete Jupiter returns, including dates, with extensive written interpretations correlating each date. “This is, essentially, a lifetime’s “Jupiter journey” contained within a single report”. The Jupiter Report includes a complete set of Astro*Images (tarot-like astrology cards). 

12) PAST LIVES REPORT: Suddenly it all makes sense!   Recently a growing number of astrologers have begun to apply the idea of karmic law to the interpretation of astrological charts. Some have gone further with their research and have developed techniques that allow them to glimpse past patterns and relate them to a person’s current natal chart. By past patterns we are not referring to those developed earlier in life, but to patterns and tendencies from an earlier life or lives!  This Past Lives report  interprets this chart and provides insight into the talents and obstacles we face as a result of the patterns we continue to work through in each successive reality.

13) ASTRO *CARTO* GRAPHY REPORT: “Location, location, location”. That’s a chant that people assigned the responsibility of determining the site of a new store or office live by. They understand that where you locate yourself is often an incredibly important factor in determining success. The same is true for individuals. Your luck, experiences, and the options available to you can vary radically from one Geographic location to another.  The Astro *Carto* Graphy report is based on the common, instinctive idea that a person has different chances, luck, experiences or options in different locations that you aren’t exactly the same person in New York that you are in San Francisco. It works by looking at the planets’ relationships to the places you’ve asked about at the moment of your birth. If a particular planet was especially powerful in the location noted when you were born, then the affairs that it symbolizes should predominate if you travel there, reside there or even have anything to do with that location from some other place. This report will provide you with accurate, insightful information that can be used in a wide variety of situations. “Your personal life and relationships, business opportunities and success, even your spiritual well being can all benefit from your heightened awareness of the influences of geographic location“. The most important thing you need to realize, and what the Astro*Carto*Graphy Report will show you, is that every location is good for something! 

14) HERMETIC ASTROLOGY NATAL REPORT: Like other systems of astrology, Hermetic Astrology evolved from the Stellar Wisdom of the ancients.

The following is a quote from Doris Chase Doane’s notes on Elbert Benjamine:

“In 1902 Benjamine adopted the Hermetic system of astrology. He said his predecessor from whom he received the Hermetic tradition had used the system for 20 years before his passage to the higher plane.”

“After trying out and testing the methods in common usage in 1902 he adopted the Hermetic System. He said he found it most satisfactory in an extensive private astrological practice, which he continued up until May 1915.”

“At this time, having discontinued private astrological practice he directed his energies into teaching classes and writing”. Hermetic Astrology’s unique contribution to the astrological community is “Astrodynes.” This method was developed out of Church of Light classes. The method was first published in 1947 in Course 16, Stellar Healing. (Doris Chase Doane refers to them as “Cosmodynes” in her writing.) Astrodynes are a powerful mathematical tool for measuring power, harmony and discord in a person’s chart of birth. Extensive experimentation confirms their usefulness. They are particularly powerful for developing a course of remedial action.

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